The One Sentence Story

He Sensed Senselessness

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An RPG Semi-Adventure! From the creative minds (or mind) from Trapezoid's Webpage With a Really Long Name. All original graphics and soundtrack!

And now for some fine print legal stuff:

Trapezoid will not be responsible for any damage caused by this webpage. Got that? In other words, if you figure out some way to hurt yourself with it, it's your fault! I don't see how even the most idiotic idiot could hurt himself from this. Not physically at least. But law doesn't care about your feelings! Go on, skiddadle, I gots betta thangs ta do than THIS.

Say, have you seen the latest Simpsons? Hee, that Homer. When will you learn?




Crap to make my webpage seem big (sung to the tune of "Turkey in the Dell"):

I was walking in the forest for no reason I recall,

When I walked into a clearing for a another mini-mall.

But who gives a shaven monkey? I had zero time to stall.

I continued on the quest that I no longer can recall.

I was walking in the forest for no reason I recall,

When a dozen flying midgets started playing basketball.

But who gives a drunken chipmunk? Not a soul last time I checked.

I continued on the quest that I no longer recollect.

What was I thinking? Why was I there?

Why do I so obsessively care?

I remember each part I can bear

Every solitary one except the reason I was there.

I was walking through the forest for no reason I recall.

When two packs of hungry hamster trainers got into a brawl.

But who gives a rotten goose egg? I would leave with ample bliss.

I continued on the quest that I may never reminisce.

I was getting pretty close to where my mind was set to go,

And whatever that it is I absolutely do not know!

But who gives a severed elbow? I WOULD IF I HAD A SAW!

But I don’t and that’s the problem. My whole story has a flaw.

Gotta remember. Gotta recall.

Why from my mind did this detail fall?

I would go to school in my underwear

For a tiny retrospection of the reason I was there.

I was several feet away from my forgotten destination

When a band of Grammy prowlers started getting constipation.

But who gives a rabid cheesewiz, not a single man at all,

I had reached the destination I no longer can recall.

Now I’m sitting here thinking like a lonely renegade,

While I'm singing like a freako in the freako-song parade.

Hey, but wait a darned ol’ minute! I remember! Now it’s clear!

Just to sing this stupid number is the reason I am here!