All he wanted was a friend...

by Corbin


Corbin was a lonely boy. All he wanted was a friend to play with.

"Eureka!" he shouted. "I'll make a friend!"

And so he did. But little MSPaint Corbin wasn't a real boy.

Or so we thought! MSPaint Corbin came to life; it was truly a Christmas miracle!

"Hey Li'l Corbin, you grew to my size! Now we can be best friends!"

And they became best friends. They did everything together...

They watched reruns of Friends...

They formed an incomplete Sex Pistols cover band...

They did their homework...

And they even slept together...

But all was not well in the world of Corbin and MSPaint Corbin.


Corbin got home from school and MSPaint Corbin was nowhere to be found. Corbin was bored.

And lonely.

He tried to make do...

...but it just wasn't the same.

There was a light knocking at the front door.

"Where have you been all day? We were supposed to play Jenga!"

And that was just the beginning.

"Who are you always on the phone with? We never talk anymore."

"I gave you money already. Where did you spend it?"

Corbin was upset. He didn't want to be angry at his best friend, though. He just wanted answers.

"What's this?"

"Oh. She's pretty."



MSPaint Corbin went silently to his car.

He drove.

And the silence was broken.


After passing a rather noisy firetruck, MSPaint Corbin arrived home.

Corbin arrived by bus not long after.

"Look, I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me."

"You know we're best friends!"

"I thought I knew."


Corbin waited for hours, but MSPaint Corbin didn't come home that night...

...or the next night...

...or the next.

"We haven't heard from him at all. I'm sorry."

Time for waiting was over. He decided to notify the community.

He never got a single call.


It had been a week since MSPaint Corbin left.
Corbin knew that by this point, his friend had probably already moved on to someone else.
He knew he had to move on, too.
He knew there was only one way.