NO PLACE LIKE HOME DVD and Soundtrack Set
Ah yes! Get this! It's well worth it. Original artwork, plus a 24 minute soundtrack! It's perfect. Perfect for you.

The DVD set is backordered right now, we're not accepting any new orders for the time being.

The DVD includes these fine features:

1. The movie
2. A commentary track with Ryan, Patrick, Neil, J.L. and Kevin
3. Several bonus short films by Ryan and Neil (including Neil Saves Christmas!)
4. Menus
5 and 6. It is round and has a hole in the middle

Okay! Are you convinced? Buy it now.

A small warning: The DVDs are, of course, burned at home using store-bought materials. This means that some DVD players, especially ones older than a few years, may have trouble playing them. Generally, they should work fine on newer players, and on computers with DVD drives. On some players you might have to make extra sure that the disc is dust and smudge free.
The same issues also apply to the soundtrack CDs, though to a lesser extent since CD burning technology has been around longer than DVD burning.


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