In the summer of 2007, several friends from beautiful Plymouth County in Massachusetts, USA, embarked on a cinematic project of incredible, unfathomable wonder.
It would be called No Place Like Home. And it is.


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The cast:

Patrick Ryan as Tom, a scruffy young drunky Dorothy, plunged into an unfamiliar world and an all-too-familiar stupor, with only his confusion and his bottomless flask to guide him.

Neil Cicierega as The Scarecrow, an animated tattie-bogle who hopes to aquire a brain and escape the clutches of agriculture.

Kevin James as The Robot, a discarded casualty of technological development, tormented by his own heartless, unfeeling role in industry.

J.L. Carrozza as The Cowardly Lion, a katana-wielding warrior of the woods whose honor and courage are called into question by the unseen spirits of nature.

Sean Murphy as The Wonderful Wizard, of whom much is expected, of whom little is known.

Ryan Murphy as The Wicked Witch, a lurking demonic villain, equal parts succubus, incubus, and Grand Inquisitor.

Lauren Mack as Glinda the Good Witch, a plot device in a pretty flying bubble.

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